Harmony grant - milestone 1

Play the demo

the first 100 users get 100 (MAINNET) GAME

How to play the demo

Please read the steps carefully, register and attack the first users on testnet.

Send your wallet address

Use the Google Form to get access to Cryptoclysm. Please ensure you are using your Metamask wallet.

Go to Google Form

* If you did not recieve your testtokens please use the form again but do not edit your previous entry.


Cryptoclysm only works with Metamaks for the moment. Please ensure you have metalmask installed in your browser. 

Harmony testnet

We are currently testing on testnet. This means you need to add the testnet network in Metamask. 

Please go to HERE to setup your Metamask wallet.

Get your free 100 GAME

GameToken will give 100 users each 100 GAME. 

How to get your free GAME?

  1. Register before March 31st
  2. Win against a player
  3. Lose against a player
  4. Kill a player
  5. Die from an attack
  6. Make a profile page sceenshot 
  7. Share the screenshot on Twitter
  8. Tag @harmonyprotocol
  9. Tag @gametokentech
  10. Tag 2 friends
  11. Add hastag #GameFi

REMINDER: Only testnet addresses with the original sent tokens can win the 100 GAME. 


The demo explained



To register you need to stake your tokens first.

  1. First approve the single stake game
  2. Confirm in Metamask
  3. Enter an amount to stake GAME
  4. click on stake
  5. Confirm in Metamask
  6. After successful staking click next


NFT profile picture only in mainnet version.

  1. Click on 'use placeholder'
  2. Click next

Character build

Define your strategy

Every player in the game has a build in character points. Your setup will determaine if you win or lose in battle.

You have 20 points to allocate between different features of your character.

In mainnet you can change this every 24 hours and will cost 1 tech point.

More info about this later.


Profile Section

Only you can see your own stats. On the top in the UI dashboard you see your HP, Energy, Stamina Techpoints and CREDIT. CREDIT will not be available in testnet.


Every player can get an alliance with another player. Get as much players as you can get. Every player will give you 10% extra of their character build.

For example:

If user A has 10 attack points user B get 1 attack point extra.

If you click battle on your profile you will go to the battle section


Battle Section

How to battle another player:

  1. Click battle
  2. Confirm in Metamask
  3. What for the transaction
  4. See if you win or lose
  5. Rematch if you dare


How to revive yourself:

  1. Go to the Techlab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click on the button revive

Tokenomics GameToken

16 000 000 $game

Tokenomics CREDIT

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 $CREDIT