Tech Lab

The tech lab is where you get your tech points. With tech points you can revive yourself. To revive yourself you need 10 tech points. Every level up you will receive techpoints.

The price of the tech points is not jet decided.


Enhance your character points

The tech lab is also a way to enhance your character points. You can only change an enhancement every 24 hours and costs 10 techpoints:



Once you hit level 80 you get the ability Assault. This is a great way to quickly buff up and change your build to Attack. Assault takes your defense points, multiplies them, and adds that to your attack points. Your defense points are cut in half. Be careful with your character stats management. You can only change your stats once in 24 hours.



This ability also unlocks when you hit level 40. Similar to Assault, it takes your attack points, multiplies them, and adds that to your defense points. Your attack points are cut in half.



The Trackman ability opens up at level 10. It gives you massive XP gain but takes half your defense and attack points. Another great perk is that you can see how much HP your opponent has. But only after you attacked your opponent. To see how much HP they have left you simply go to the details tab in the pop-up you get after a battle.



Medipacks are bought with techoiunts. Every medipack will give you 30% of your HP back. There is also a handicap button for quick healing. This is meant for the liquidation room or a mass attack from a enemy group.

The handicap changes the link in your HP HUD to a button to heal fast. Next to the link you see how much medipack you have left.