The Bank

After you are done with your profile you need to go to the bank to unlock all other parts of the game. Without $GAME or Viper LP tokens from the GamToken pools you cannot access other parts of the game.

The bank will be the entity in the game where you buy and sell to. If you buy a weapon, you buy that from the bank. But be careful what you buy. Every buy will increase the initial price with a factor of 1.3. When you sell, you only get 50% back.

All CREDIT owned by the bank will eventually be used to provide Cryptoclysm with CREDIT prices, CREDIT events or even a special bounty to earn CREDIT.

There will be more pools in the future. Also pools form other networks like BSC, ETH or Algorand. They will earn GAME or CREDIT on the Harmony network and go from there.

The Bank will also be the place to where your in-game wallet will be. In this wallet you have the option to keep your credits safe. This is a staking feature. You can only stake or unstake every 24 hours. Every CREDIT in your in-game wallet stat is not staked will be transferred to the attacker in bits of 10% if the attacker wins. If the attacker kills you you lose all your open CREDIT.