The armory is where you buy your weapons with $CREDIT. Weapons get unlocked at a certain level. Every weapon you buy has upkeep.

Upkeep is a tax you need to pay to the bank every 24 hours. You can’t buy unlimited weapons as well. The buying price of a weapon will increase with a factor of 1.3 after a purchase. The upkeep stays the same. When you sell your weapon you get 50% back.

There will be limited editions in the form of NFT.

The prices of weapons will go in millions and trillions. For example the GOAT-S will cost you 2.352.000.000 $CREDIT and upkeep will be: 4.704.000.000 $CREDIT every 24 hours.

The limited NFT weapons will be without upkeep. So keep an eye on special NFT events.


Cryptoclysm Weapons