The Profile page and the BANK page will be one of the first pages you will see when you enter Cryptoclysm. You can setup you first character points and set your NFT profile picture.

You build up your character with character points. These points setup will get you your win or lose. If you want to do the missions you might want to allocate more energy points instead of attack points.

When you look at another player’s profile page you will see a battle button on the top right.

The bounty button is to put someone on the liquidation room. More on that later.

The alliance button is to grow your own character. Every alliance you get with another player will give you a small boost. What that bosst will be depends on your alliance.

Once you get to a high enough level you can start using enhancements. You can change those in the Tech lab.

The achievements below your character stats will show your first 100 kills, deaths, wins or loses. With every achievements you will get extra XP of sometimes a NFT. That NFT can be in the form of a limited edition weapon of some sort.

Below the achievements you see your armory.