What is Cryptoclysm

Who’s dreamed about having real-world value with your in-game credits? GameToken is here to make that dream a reality!

Gametoken will create game that you play to earn but also pay to win!

GameToken aspires to be the native game arcade on the Harmony Protocol network. The main aim of the project is to reintroduce popular games that are no longer found. The project has also kept in mind the risk of copyright claims, in light of which all produced games will be redesigned on a unique premise and incorporating improvements.

Or first game is a UI based game called Cryptoclysm. A game where users battle each other solo or in a clan. You earn CREDIT, the Cryptoclysm currency buy killing your opponent and take the ‘open CREDIT’, Buy land, win a war, win a tournament or kill a boss. There will be special events to win very rare NFT or limited-edition weapons.

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