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Please note that deadlines may change due to development issues

GameToken's Roadmap

Cryptoclysm DEMO Q1 2022

A demo will be created to ask for a Harmony Grand. Once we get a grand we can finally start the last step; the frontend.

Harmony Grant Q1 2022

Once the Cryptoclysm BETA is up and running we will apply once again for a grant. On of the requirements is that an applicant needs a working demo. After the launch of the BETA we can do so.

Safemoon DEX Q1 - Q2 2022

We want a big reach and we believe that Safemoon can help with that. That is why we are applying for listing after the demo is released.

Cryptoclysm BETA Q2 - Q3 2022

A year of hard work full of challenges we had to face. Hard work always pays off. What we always promised to our followers, is that we will not give up! The BETA is the first step to the final game. Are you ready to join our BETA?

World Wide Marketing Q2 - Q3 2022

With the Harmony Grand we will do a world wide targeted marketing campaign with banners and video’s on the most visited and popular platforms.

Free GAME LP Launch Q4 2022

To give our main token $GAME the support it needs we will reward every user with free game.

We will do that as follow:

A user adds ONE to LP and another wallet from us adds game for the user for the amount of LP. The game will be owned by the user after 3 months

ETH to LP GAME bridge Q2 2022

Give the ETH community