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Discover how you can earn income by playing our games. Every game we develop will have its own cryptocurrency. With this cryptocurrency you can earn your income, buy in-game assets and sell them.

What is GameToken

Who’s dreamed about having real-world value with your in-game credits? GameToken is here to make that dream a reality!

What gametoken does

Gametoken will create game that you play to earn but also pay to win!

GameToken aspires to be the native game arcade on the Harmony Protocol network. The main aim of the project is to reintroduce popular games that are no longer found. The project has also kept in mind the risk of copyright claims, in light of which all produced games will be redesigned on a unique premise and incorporating improvements.

Or first game is a UI based game called Cryptoclysm. A game where users battle each other solo or in a clan. You earn $CREDIT, the Cryptoclysm currency buy killing your opponent and take the ‘open $CREDIT’, Buy land, win a war, win a tournament or kill a boss. There will be special events to win very rare NFT or limited-edition weapons.

Token Usecase

Every Game will get its own token where you buy the in-game assets with. GameToken itself will also be the governance token. In Cryptoclysm for example GAME stakers can suggest improvements and vote to get this done. This way we intent to give the best experience.

Every token will have a 1% fee with every transaction, except for the liquidity pool. The fee will be used to hold events, promotion, development and LP.

Who is the founder?

@themanintheroom was with Harmony from the start, having weathered all its ups and downs. From trading on a CEX he went rogue and entered the DeFi space, a journey that has taught him a great deal about transactions work, smart-contracts and the endless possibilities of decentralized apps. As an old gamer who grew up with the NES and the commodore 64, he always wanted to create a game of his own. This burning desire is what led him to GameToken. All his past experiences accumulated into a single project.

This has been a brief introduction of @themanintheroom, whose personal life you can learn more about through Linkedin ( As a founder of GameToken @themanintheroom wants to ensure that there is little doubt over the kind of professional he is. Feel free to contact him.

GameTokens vision

We want it big! And we want to build in on the Harmony Protocol. GameToken needs to be big to attract members of other communities like Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Polkadot and even EGOLD. To do that we need a massive platform that people want to get into. The Harmony Bridge will help with that, just as other methods like mainstream advertising and letting other projects stake their tokens, which gives them the chance to get GAME and ONE as reward to play our games. This is why we have the 1% fee in all our token contracts. We intend to use this fee for everything we need to attract more users to our platform and the Harmony network. If we succeed, we can comfortably expect to reach a million users.

Gametoken’s roadmap

We believe on being completely transparent with our investors, with this in heart we have compiled a complete list of our aims, coupled with the amount of hours needed for development and an estimated overall cost for the project.

Our first game


A UI based game, play to earn

Tokenomics GameToken

16 000 000 $game
16 000 000 $game

Tokenomics CREDIT

1,000,000,000,000 $CREDIT